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Declaration of the International
Conference on Road Traffic.

       Participants of the International Conference are aware that the current critical situation in ensuring safety on the roads, require a particularly effective, comprehensive, multifaceted measures to eliminate the causes of road traffic accidents and reduce the consequences of accidents in our countries.

    The main purpose of public organizations is an association of citizens having the right of ownership vehicle for the joint solution of problems in the maintenance and safe use of these vehicles, as well as contributing to road safety.

    Solving urgent and pressing problems in the use of vehicles with the necessary positive result is possible only if the efforts of all stakeholders, government agencies and NGOs in the field of road safety.

    The International Conference with the Convention on Road Traffic (1968) and the Convention on Road Signs and Signals (1968), as well as the UN General Assembly resolution on improving road safety worldwide and the global crisis in road safety around the world ( 2004 and 2005), the European Action Plan for Highway Safety, introduced by the European Commission in 2001, the National Programme on road safety and other legal acts in this area, adopted in the States Parties to this conference, the decisions of public organizations, whose work aims to inform, educate and train the road users, treating human life as a high value, and assuming an inalienable right to life and a guaranteed right of every person, considering the complex of measures to improve road safety one of Mr. Lavna areas closest law enforcement and public organizations of States Parties to this forum, taking into account that most accidents occur due to mistakes and abuses committed by road users, require:

- Continuous improvement of the foundations of culture on the road, explaining and promoting them among the population, given the shortcomings in the training of drivers of vehicles;

- Stressing the need for educational, promotional, informational campaigns about how to behave on the road periodically inform users about the state of the accident on the road to a wide range of road users, combined with legislative and administrative measures to comply with them;

- Recognizing the lack of consistency in the joint efforts of NGOs with the executive authorities, law enforcement agencies at all levels in the states, the Conference participants in road safety issues;

- Expressing readiness for close cooperation in all areas of road safety.

Taking this Final Declaration, the participants of the International Conference considered appropriate:

- Encourage the development of international contacts, public organizations, forums and other events aimed at addressing road safety, to coordinate handed down questions for discussion with the state executive authorities of countries Parties to the outputs;

- To inform the leadership of public organizations to improve national legislation in the field of road traffic;

- To inform the leadership of public organizations on their activities in the field of road safety. Shares its experience in developing and implementing new security technologies on a vehicle, monitoring and maintenance of vehicles;

- To achieve the development and adoption by law enforcement agencies, public institutions of joint plans and programs to prevent road accidents over three years in the conference;

- Encourage the exchange of information and best practices to ensure road safety, the development of recommendations for the prevention of accidents at the international, regional and national levels;

- To carry out complex information and educational measures designed to target different groups and strata for the formation of negative attitudes towards the violators of traffic rules;

- Participate in the creation of social advertisements aimed at promoting a culture of road user behavior. To offer television "Commonwealth" bring to the discussion topic on road safety, make proposals for the modernization of teaching methods and course contents road safety at all levels of education to meet the requirements of modern life, with particular attention focusing on the road or street youth and children;

- Extensive use of the experience of the European Association of Driving Schools in the preparation and training of drivers of vehicles;

- To promote the role of health in the prevention and the prevention of accidents;

- Fully support the members of social organizations in a secure insurance, storage and maintenance of vehicles.

    Appealing to all road users, members of the International Conference of the claim that road safety is a collective responsibility. It requires a strong human will and sustained concerted effort. Some of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not solve this complex problem, only in cooperation with all ministries and agencies, as well as civil society is possible to solve problems of road safety.

Participants of the International Conference of appeal to the authorities to tighten the requirements for the violators of traffic rules, as well as all interested persons connected with road safety and to implement this final declaration.


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