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Conception of document

   Document of Convention of UNO on International to the rights for a driver was ratified and conducted under an aegis international conventions on questions of safety of travelling motion on territories of countries-members of UNO.

   One of tasks of International Drivers License (Certification), resulted to the international standard is overcoming of difficulties, related to driving of car in countries, having different requirements to the drivers.

   International Drivers License (Certification) was accepted and is a confessedly document, which is an accompanying document for a driver on entire territories countries which at different times signed the various agreements of conferences of UNO on questions of safety of travelling motion.

   To the drivers the countries of which were signed by all requirements of this Convention, it is not required in other country to confirm and prove the right for a management a transport the receipt of local national driving certification, because all positions, sign-boards, travelling lines on the road, Rules of the travelling road, drivers license, documents on a transport vehicle must answer the requirements of this Convention.

   After signing of International convention of Travelling Motion and Safety from 1923, 1943, 1949 and 1968 years which confirmed general standards and basic terms for the certification of the International standard, their legality becomes force in the entire countries of signing this Convention.

   To enable to many to the people in the different countries of the world to use transport vehicles and not to have the special problems with the bureaucratic vehicle of police, on September, 19, 1949 United Nations confirmed International Drivers License. And on November, 8, 1968 many countries of the world signed and confirmed International Convention of UNO about travelling motion and row of changes and adding to it. Agree it entire countries are obligated to observe general rules and order of travelling motion.

   Since accepted decision of Convention UNO, the drivers of different countries do not need before a journey to other country to study Rule of travelling motion of guest country.

   That does give International Drivers License?

   International Drivers License is allowed you to manage and lease transport vehicles in more than 200 countries of the world.

   A plastic card also is simultaneously Your certificate of identity of international standard, that gives you possibility (in many countries of the world in combination with an extern passport and credit card):

  • to lease a machine; 
  • to take off a number in a hotel;
  • to score first in a jar; 
  • to replace or get other certificate of identity;
  • great deal other service is inherent a concrete country.

   If you will move or to travel on a transport vehicle on countries signing Convention of UNO without International Drivers License, you can run into that in more than 185 countries of the world does not acknowledge the national drivers licences of Your country in the case of lease of car. International Drivers License gives you a right on access to all leasings companies in these countries.

   Now, at journeys abroad, presence for the drivers of International Drivers License, practically in the entire developed countries of the world, is an obligatory requirement.

   You do not need to hand over what or tests on driving and knowledge’s of a travelling transport motion for different countries, as International Drivers License is presented by an international document, given out on the basis of present national driving certification of your country.  In a certification all complete information is indicated about a driver and about the categories of transport vehicles settled to the management.

   Directly on a card from the back, there is a not complete list of the world countries signing Convention of UNO on Travelling motion. The countries of the European agreement are indicated only, but they operate directly in 185 countries of the world, signing basic Convention of UNO on Travelling motion and amendments to it.

   Presence for the foreign drivers of International Drivers License, is if by a not obligatory, but very desirable condition.

   International it is recommended to have the drivers license all, who drives out for a border in a tourist or business journey.

   For motion on territory of country of residence, International Drivers License, not required, as in accordance with Convention of UNO for this purpose exist national driving certification.

   If you are without departure within the limits of one of countries of signing Convention of UNO, this document is actual in a flow 1, 3, 5, 10 years, indicated on a card, at presence of national driving certification. After expiration of this term you must get new International Drivers License.

   International Drivers License must be produced only together with national drivers license, given out the country of Your permanent residence.

   Because International Drivers License is made on all norms and requirements, it is  the certificate of identity (Identification Card).

   Every plastic card which to give out by our International Driving Club has a protective hologram and row of other in-use facilities of defence of allowing to eliminate possibility of imitation of our cards.

   International Motor-car Club conducts registration of all members of the organization which can be checked up on a web-page in Internet


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